Alex Antonides

My name is Alex and I am an enthusiastic trainee software engineer. I would like to tell you something about myself.

My interest in programming started in my second year of high school. I programmed each day after school. After high school I started my study in Computer Science, where I learned how to program applications, websites, and games.

Over the years I've started to notice that I wanted to help people with my work, and thus my interest started growing to program in the healthcare. After my Computer Science study I started my study in Software Engineering at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Alex Antonides

Now, I have learned quite a few things at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam I still continue to do so every day.

My motivation led me to one of my great achievements: Cum Laude designation on my propaedeutics.

Although I program after school each day, I also have another hobby.
That is writing stories / books and I play games in my spare time.
As cherry on top of the cake: I really love to help other people out in my spare time.