Alex Antonides

My name is Alex and I am an enthusiastic trainee programmer. I would like to tell you something about myself.

My interest in programming started in my second year of high school. I really wanted to know how to make entertainment games, since I loved to play MMORPG games. I came across a community on an emulation forum where they made private servers for the MMORPG. I looked through the code and started to create something myself. Each day after school I programmed.

Alex Antonides

Now, I have learned quite a few things at Mediacollege Amsterdam I still continue to do so every day.

My motivation led me to one of my great achievements: ''Excellence Program'' Mediabites. Out of each of eight courses were two top and highly motivated students selected for an excellence program. We had to create one or more products for an event at the Vondel CS in Amsterdam. We made quite an interdisciplinary team and that is what I enjoyed working with.

Although I program after school each day, I also have another hobby.
That is writing stories / books and ofcourse I play games in my spare time.
As cherry on top of the cake: I really love to help other people out in my spare time.