MediaMasters is a project I’ve worked on at my internship at Flavour. I was put on a solo project called the ‘MediaMasters clubpage’, where I had to make an interactive website where children in grades 7 and 8 learn about the dangers of using your phone while cycling.

In this project I made an interactive website and as a ‘bonus’ task: a content management system.
I enjoyed working alone on a project like this. This project was a great experience for me, because I’ve learned how to work on my own.


To develop the interactive website I’ve used html, css, javascript and PHP.
I have worked in the PHP Framework named Laravel to make it myself easy to build up the pages. Throughout the project I had a little difficulty to schedule time for each task. I didn’t know how long each task would take, and thus brought myself into the problem by scheduling either too much time into a task or to schedule no time at all. The real challenge of this project was to make something in a deadline with little experience in PHP. I’ve finished my tasks with the help of my supervisors and I can see now that I know now much more about PHP than I’ve started with.

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