“Myth”: the biggest project of the year. We got an assignment to create a mobile game in a few months. Eventually we had to place it on the Google play store. There was a catch though: the teachers gave us a small list of myths. We had to pick a myth and use it as a theme for our game.

We chose an old Dutch myth: “de bokkenrijders”. Our plan was to make a 2D platformer game. Throughout the project we added new features such as: double jump, wall jump, shops, enemies and boss fights.

When we finished our project we had to market our game and try to get as much as downloads as possible. The team with the best game and the best marketing would win the competition.
We ended up with a total of : 240 Facebook likes, 300 downloads and a 4.1/5 stars rating. On the day of the presentation a few companies came to our school to see what we have made. At the results, they gave us an honorable mention.

This was a project I sincerely enjoyed, because my group consisted of 2 developers, 6 artists, 2 media managers and 3 sound technicians. I love to work together with others and at that time it was a challenge for me on how to communicate well with other team members.


The developers (myself included) made the game in Unity C#.
My co-developer loved to work on ‘though’ code as well, so we had to split the tasks well.
At the time I worked on the project I was interested in Unity Editor scripts. I challenged myself to make the editor so clear that the Artists could make content by using the editor I have edited.
That is why I’ve added some editor scripts to the code snippets.

The challenge in this project was that we had to limit the game in size. We had great idea’s, but Google Play store only allows projects under 50mb or you would have to let people update the game. That would take a lot of time and we didn’t want that. Through a lot of failure and torture, we have learned how to keep a game low in size by putting every sprite in a sprite sheet.

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