Curse of the Wolpertinger

The developer and artist students were given an assignment to create a tower defence game in three weeks. We were paired in groups of two developers and five artists. Our idea was to create a 3D tower defence that was both unique and challenging, we wanted to let the game stand out from the rest. Even to this day, I still look back at this project with success. The development process ran smoothly and we all loved the gameplay of our game.

Wolpertinger is a game where the player has to defeat the enemy by taking over their base. The player can take over the enemy base by building towers and letting them attack the base. They start by building towers at their own base and move it after each round closer to the enemy base. The problem is though, that how closer the towers come to the enemy base, how faster the enemies will run towards your base. After each round you have to choose: Pay for an upgrade or move your tower forward in order to fight in the next round.

It took us two and a half weeks to finish the project. We used the remaining time to polish the game. Even after we finished the project, we continued working on the game since we loved it that much.


The developers (myself included) made the game in Unity C#.
We split the work we had to do in two categories: Easy and hard. My co-developer did the easy things such as the tile system and the user interface design. I did the hard things such as the pathfinding and the enemy/attack system. (Well, it was hard for me at that time).

I didn’t know that much about pathfinding. I had to find out various ways of how I could make it. At first I used the unity pathfinding system, but I didn’t like it that much. I moved on to a waypoint system, It wasn’t the result I was going for either. Eventually my teacher taught me how the A* Pathfinding Algorithm worked and I used that with my pathfinding, it was exactly what I wanted.

The challenge in this project was polishing. We had a lot of bugs and we didn’t know how to fix it. It took us days to fix all of the bugs. We learned a lot from our mistakes of how we could prevent these bugs from happening again.

I’m happy that I haven’t experienced such bugs after this project.

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