I was chosen for an excellence program for highly motivated top students at the Mediacollege Amsterdam. We had to make a product for an event at the Vondel CS in Amsterdam with a group of fourteen top students. The group of fourteen students consisted of: 2 game developers, 2 game artists, 2 media developers, 2 interactive designers, 1 media manager, 2 audiovisual designers, 2 spatial designers and an event technician. We were selected on the knowledge and expertise, but we also had to be able to communicate and work well together.

We were placed in a team and we were given an assignment: Create one or more products for the event, showing the capabilities of current technology, innovation and media, and thereby use each other’s expertise. “Interactive projections to media installations, everything is possible and everything is allowed, as long as you work together, combining different disciplines.”

And so we started. Each day we were placed in a classroom. We had to think about everything: a great design, a presentation and other necessities, all without supervision. It took us a week to make a design. Our idea was to make little interactive apps/games for the visitors to play around with in the theme of pixels.

It was a great project, and a great experience.


One of my tasks was to program a game called ‘Voxels’. I worked together with artists, audiovisual designers, spatial designers and event technician to create the game like this. We placed three cubes in the room. One red, one green and one blue. There was also a monitor where similar like voxels where flowing around on the screen. The player had to harvest all the voxels from the screen in an short amount of time. To harvest a voxel, you had to touch a cube matching the same color. There were also voxels with mixed colors. You had to touch two cubes at a time to harvest the voxel, and thus we forced the player to call in a friend to help him out. It was great to see that people were running across the room to play the game.

I was the only programmer that worked on the game. I chose to develop the game in Unity C#. I made the cubes touchable by using the Arduino UNO. It was the first time I had used the Arduino Uno. It was a great challenge to work with it for the first time in a short period of time.

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